Sony PlayStation 2 – FreeMcBoot (FMCB) Pre-Installed Memory Card (8MB)


The EASIEST way to mod your PlayStation 2 for homebrew and backups!

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This is the EASIEST way to mod your PlayStation 2! Simply insert this memory card, preloaded with FreeMcBoot, and your PS2 will be modded and ready to run homebrew and backups!

FreeMcBoot is a softmod installed on the memory card that works on nearly all Sony PlayStation 2s. FMCB allows the booting of homebrew, which in turn allows booting emulators and PS2 game backups from hard drive (for phat PS2s), ethernet, or USB.

While FMCB is very easy to use once it’s installed, getting the installer to run in the first place can get pretty complicated. Skip the hassle by buying a pre-installed FMCB memory card!

NOTE: FreeMcBoot is NOT compatible with most SCPH-900XX models. Please check your system’s model number before buying.

The following homebrew apps are pre-installed on the card:

  • FreeMcBoot v1.966 (base softmod)
  • uLaunchELF (file manager and executable loader)
  • Open PS2 Loader (game launcher from HDD, ethernet, or USB)
  • HD Loader (alternate game launcher from HDD)
  • Simple Media System (video/audio player)
  • ESR (patched disc launcher)
  • Codebreaker (game cheat engine/patcher)
  • USB Advance (alternate game launcher from USB)
  • GSM (progressive mode – and more – enabler for games that don’t support it)

Unleash the full potential of your PlayStation 2 with FMCB!

NOTE: This is not a Sony-brand memory card.


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