Microsoft Xbox – CPU Capacitor Replacements


Repair one of the Xbox’s most common failures with this set of brand new capacitors!

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If your Xbox is not booting or unreliable, the first thing you should check is the CPU capacitors. After nearly twenty years of use, these have frequently started to leak and fail, preventing the motherboard from maintaining power.

If you’re seeing bulging or a brown-colored substance leaking from the top of those capacitors, that’s a telltale sign that those capacitors are failing and need to be replaced (see picture #2). This set of five (5) capacitors will allow you to replace all of the Xbox’s CPU capacitors at once so you can keep playing well into the future!

These capacitors are all 3300uF 6.3V, and should only be used to replace capacitors that also have those ratings.

NOTE: This is not for replacing a leaking clock capacitor. On most boards (1.0-1.5), that capacitor can be removed without needing to be replaced at all. These are for the capacitors near the CPU, which also are common failure points.

NOTE: These capacitors may be smaller than the originals. This is normal and a simple side effect of technology advancing over the last twenty years.


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